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Zeev Krisher - Kibbutz Hatzor

Born on the last train evacuating refugees from Russia to Poland after WWII, Zeev and his family were forced to stay in the closed off country until 1957. His parents, who were born in Germany and Poland between the two world wars, were refugees their entire life. This was the story of many at the time and it made an immense impact on Zeev’s life as well. The family moved from one country to the next, eventually coming to Israel, where, along with many others, he was sent to be educated in a Kibbutz, away from his parents.

His interest is art developed from an early age as he was exposed to the art world gradually, combining independent studies with some academic art education. He built his own creative environment and spent over a year studying sculpture in the Marble mountains of Italy. There he worked and reflected on his future as an artist and what impact it would have on his life. His natural attraction was to stone as it became his main medium.

Drawing from the influence of the holocaust on his family and the extreme trauma he endured during the Yom Kippur War, there was a shift in Zeev’s work. About ten years after that war, his work started revolving around Memory and remembrance, death and renewal of life. These processes are out of our control as human beings and this lack of control continues to occupy the artist’s work to this day.

Through many years of work as a sculptor, Zeev has created a series of about 40 monumental sculptures which can be found both in Israel and around the world. Among these works are series of Phoenix, Altars, Sarcophagy and Crossing Ships. Lately, a series of Cypress Trees has been added to these works. From time to time other elements of mythological and mythical creatures joined his body of work, like Chinese Dragons and Wild things from far away lands. These were done in the stone medium, naturally.

In recent years, Zeev has created a series of remembrance exhibitions, including the Crossing Ships, The Yearbooks, Mourners, Gates of Passage, Icons of his own saints carved in wood and most recently, the Cypress Tree series.

Today, Zeev’s focus remains on the Cypress Tree as he works on the Cypress Tree Stories, in which the Cypress trees act as witnesses, telling the story of everything they have seen throughout life. Each chapter in this story is translated to an independent three dimensional sculptured work and together they weave a complete story. So far, 12 chapters have been created as Zeev continues to produce more work in this theme.


Sculpture classes are held at the artists' studio at Kibbutz Hatzor. Hours are flexible, up to 9 hours a day on specific days. Among the classes:

  • Sculpting in stone and wood
  • Working independantly or with guidance
  • Working with an array of pneumatic and electrical tools on stone or wood
  • Purchase options for all materials
  • Information and training in handling other materials, including soft stone, stone coating and more

Working hours are from morning till late afternoon, with an option to eat at the facility.